Accountability Coaching Program for Busy People

With Darren Tebbenham, personal accountability coach


The problem isn't picking the right plan, the problem is sticking to it

Seeking a quick fix just leaves you further from your goals in the end.

Getting to the root cause of your  struggles is about finding ways to deal with what actually gets in the way not seeking a better diet or fitness plan.

V-Fit Coaching provides telephone / video call based personal coaching to help keep people on-track and more accountable to not only lose weight and keep it off but thrive in all areas of their life. 

Our accountability software works alongside clients' 30-minute weekly coaching sessions to help keep them more consistent everyday not just once or twice a week.

We help people live their BEST life with confidence!

My name is Darren Tebbenham and I am an Accountability Coach (Yeah, I know odd title). I'm like a Personal Trainer, Life Coach and Sport Psychologist all mixed together. I work with three target client groups.

i. I work with busy mums who have lost themselves in their efforts to look after everyone else. 


ii. I work with busy bosses i.e. those people who have lost themselves in their work striving for success at the cost of their health and wellbeing and even relationships.  

iii. I work with people with major health concerns whose weight and general wellbeing have been significantly compromised and nothing seems to be working.

Whether you are a busy mum, boss or someone seriously struggling with your health or a combination of all three, I help people see that the answer to their weight, health and fitness problems does NOT lie "out there" in the world waiting to be discovered but in your ability to be more committed, consistent and accountable to create new habits that stick.

I work with people who have become lost and disorientated, stuck in a body and lifestyle they desperately want to free themselves from to be able to thrive again in all areas of their life


Weekly 30-minute personal coaching calls keep you focused and accountable every single week. Whenever you slip or stuggle (which is inevitable by the way) you have the help you need to stay on track. And in order to make the most of our regular call times, we also include access to our accountability software helping you remain consistent between sessions with all the resources you need to feel 100% confident of making sure this time is the last time you will ever need to "get fit and lose weight" again!

Session Notes

Action / Goal Reminders

Online Journal

Exercise Instruction

Nutrition Guides

Recipe Ideas

Monitoring Sheets

...this time somebody's got your back!

Simply log in and set up your app icon on any device and know this time you have the support you need to stay motivated, more committed and more consistent with your efforts to achieve and maintain the results you want. 

If the help you need isn't "out there" in the next fitness fad or diet plan, but is in relation to your ability to be more committed, resilient and bounce back when you struggle - our coaching and accountability program provides the exact support you need to achieve the result you want and know this time it's for good!



In the first instance I offer a complimentary coaching call. And I know what you might be thinking, maybe to trap you into a sales situation and then send inundated emails spamming your inbox. And this couldn’t be further from the truth.

The call is just 30 minutes and so will not impact on your day. We will NOT talk about doing any further coaching with me at all. And once your complimentary access to my accountablility software finishes you will not receive any further emails whatsoever.

Instead, the call will help you get clear about what holds you back and what you might do next time to prevent you falling into the same traps as in the past. You will feel more motivated, focused and confident ready to tackle your next effort to not only lose weight but keep it off!

Here’s the thing.

Diets don’t work. Never have, never will (in the long-term). Fitness fads come and go and only make it increasingly more difficult for people to create a more active lifestyle for themselves since they teach all the wrong things about getting fast results without considering building new habits at all.

If you commit to anything that you do not believe you could maintain for the rest of your life it will not become habit. And it is your habits that got you into this mess. Ironically, it will be your habits that get you out and transform your life in the process. But to create new habits you don’t need a new diet plan or fitness routine you need an Accountability Coach. 


IMPORTANT: Whilst people believe the answers to their problems lie out there in the world they give away control. Taking back control is liberating. But being more accountable, more consistent and finding a way through more difficult times isn’t easy and hence what I do for a living.


For an obligation-free 30 minute first coaching call and complimentary access to my accountability software, apply below -


Darren is a psychology-trained health and fitness professional with a great deal of experience as a coach, trainer and leader in his field. He currently coaches personal trainers as well as clients just like you to live their best life and finally deal with what otherwise holds them back.


Darren is the owner of the European Institute of Fitness, a School of Personal Training with academies in the UK, the Maldives and Middle East and has been a personal trainer and lifestyle coach for more than 20 years

Previously a University lecturer and with a master's in sport psychology, he offers a principle-based approach with professional delivery to ensure his clients not only enjoy a great experience but are able to take back control of their weight, health and fitness for good.


If you want to make changes to your health and fitness in a way that is sustainable so that you do not feel like you are on a diet, dragging yourself to the gym or begrudgingly following somebody else's plan without the necessary buy-in you need, you know what to do!


"To have Darren's expertise at your finger tips is a real bonus. The app is super-easy to use and being able to carry it around makes things incredibly flexible. Your accountability is now with you always..." J.Withinshaw

"Darren's enthusiasm is infectious. He uses this phrase, my certainty is far greater than your doubt...but by God it's true. He gets you through the toughest of times... Truly amazing." L.Slack

"It was really good at challenging me to be the best I could be and step away from all the generic stuff out there." B.Grey


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